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Why the election actually begins in only 15 days.

While it may seem like November 3rd is far away, the true election begins in North Carolina in just 15 days, when absentee ballots are mailed out to those who requested them. While absentee ballots are not due until October 29th, you can return them to your board of elections any time after you receive it. 

With the many concerns about USPS right now, please also remember that you can drop your absentee ballot off in-person to Burke County Board of Elections. Easy, quick, and you don’t have to worry about it arriving on time!

Another important date to remember: EARLY VOTING STARTS OCTOBER 15th! If mail-in voting doesn't work for you, check out all of the early voting locations & hours by visiting NCBSE.gov

Remember to make your early voting plan, and to help others around you do the same! To find out all information about absentee voting, early voting, and Election Day visit: NCSBE.gov

With Election Day closing in on us quickly, please remember to donate to help us finish this race strong! We cannot do this without you - and time is almost up. Help us reach our goal of $2,000 in donations by August 31st!

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