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Palmer receives endorsement from National Organization

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

"Dorian is a state employee, a foster parent, and an advocate for all. Growing up in Burke County, North Carolina inspired Dorian to dedicate his life to others, which is why he has decided to run for a seat on the Burke County Board of Commissioners. By earning a seat on the board, Dorian hopes to bring diversity and a new perspective to the table. As a young man of color, Dorian has seen the challenges Burke County faces through a different lens than any of the other members. Dorian is a strong believer that every single human matters. He is a fighter for those who cannot fight for themselves, a voice for those who feel as if they can’t speak up, and a helping hand for all in need.

During his time in office, Dorian hopes to use his vast experience working with youth to expand programs for the future of Burke County. He also is focusing on improving work conditions and pay for teachers, public safety employees, and EMS workers. He also hopes to work towards expanding access to reliable internet for all of Burke County. Dorian is fighting for a better Burke, and hopes that you will join him."

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